The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

American ska-core band from Boston, formed in 1983, split in 2003 and reformed in 2007 and split once again in 2022.

Band members included Dicky Barrett - lead vocals, Joe Gittleman "the Bass Fiddleman" - bass guitar, Tim "Johnny Vegas" Burton - tenor saxophone, Joe Sirois - drums, Lawrence Katz - guitar, Chris Rhodes - trombone, Leon Silva - alto saxophone and Ben Carr - backing vocals.

They released their debut album, "Devil's Night Out" in 1989, followed by: "More Noise and Other Disturbances" (1992), "Don't Know How to Party" (1993), "Question the Answers" (1994), "Let's Face It" (1997), "Pay Attention" (2000), "A Jackknife to a Swan" (2002), "Pin Points and Gin Joints" (2009), "The Magic of Youth" (2011), plus 2018's: "While We're at It".

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