Influential punk, then post-punk, then electro-pop now experimental-rock outfit from London, formed in 1976.

Key members include: Colin Newman, Graham Lewis, Robert Gotobed, Matthew Simms, with former member Bruce Gilbert having departed in 2004.

Key album releases by the band include "Pink Flag", "Chairs Missing", "154", "A Bell Is A Cup", "The First Letter", "Object 47", "Change Becomes Us", "Wire", "Nocturnal Koreans" and 2017's: "Silver/Lead".

Wire have influenced several artists including The Cure, REM (early), Manics, Elastica, Franz Ferdinand and Futureheads.

Bruce Gilbert, Graham Lewis and Colin Newman have also recorded dozens of electronica and avant-garde solo, duet, collaborative and inter-produced albums and singles since the 80s.

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