Crossover Celtic folk-rock band from Skye formed in 1973.

Key members include: Rory Macdonald - bass and vocals, Bruce Guthro - lead vocals and guitar, Malcolm Jones - guitars, pipes and accordian, Calum Macdonald - percussion, Iain Bayne - drums and Brian Hurren - keyboards.

Key co-founder Donnie Munro left in the late 90s to persue a career in Scottish politics.

Much of their output is sung in Gaelic, including their biggest headlining hit single, 'An Ubhal As Airde' in 1995 (used in a TV ad).

Key albums include: 'Heartland' (1985), 'The Cutter and the Clan' (1987/8), 'Once In A Lifetime' (1988), 'Searchlight' (1989) and 'The Stamping Ground' (2001), 'Proterra' (2003) and 'Everything You See' (2007).

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