pianocircus [Piano Circus]

pianocircus [Piano Circus]

Keyboards, Samplers, Grand Pianos and six performers. Featuring: David Appleton, Kate Halsall, Semra Kurutaç, Paul Cassidy and Dawn Hardwick

"Since 1989 pianocircus has inspired the creation of a unique repertoire of new music for six keyboards and brought it to a wide audience through live performances, recordings and broadcasts together with education and outreach projects. pianocircus continually expands its repertoire of new work through commissioning other artists, generating its own material, optimising the use of music technology and collaborating with other media.

There are no soloists and no leader - we are six players who work together collaboratively to create an ensemble like no other. All artistic decisions are made by the six pianists; there is no artistic director, so the work we create is the joint outcome of six individual visions of what music making can be. The group performs only new music, most of it written specially for us."

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