BB King

[1925 - 2015] BB King was a Legendary American blues singer, songwriter and his guitar - 'Lucille'. BB was one of the first artists inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame back in 1987 and ranked as sixth best guitarist in the world out of 100.

His first releases date back to the late '40s and continued with hits such as Thrill Is Gone, Lucille and When Love Comes To Town (with U2).

He released his debut album, "Singin' the Blues" in 1957, followed by: "The Blues" (1958), "B.B. King Wails" (1959), "The Great B.B. King" (1960), "Sings Spirituals" (1960), "King of the Blues" (1960), "Blues for Me" (1961), "My Kind of Blues" (1961), "Easy Listening Blues" (1962), "Blues in My Heart" (1962), "Mr. Blues" (1963), "B.B. King" (1963), "Confessin' the Blues" (1966), "Lucille" (1968), "Blues on Top of Blues" (1968), "Completely Well" (1969), "Live & Well" (1969), "Indianola Mississippi Seeds" (1970), "B.B. King in London" (1971), "Guess Who" (1972), "L.A. Midnight" (1972), "To Know You Is to Love You" (1973), "Lucille Talks Back" (1975), "King Size" (1977), "Midnight Believer" (1978), "Take It Home" (1979), "There Must Be a Better World Somewhere" (1981), "Love Me Tender" (1982), "Blues 'N' Jazz" (1983), "Six Silver Strings" (1985), "King of the Blues: 1989" (1988), "There Is Always One More Time" (1991), "Blues Summit" (1993), "Lucille & Friends" (1995), "Deuces Wild" (1997), "Blues on the Bayou" (1998), "Let the Good Times Roll" (1999), "Riding with the King" (2000), "Makin' Love Is Good for You" (2000), "A Christmas Celebration of Hope" (2001), "Reflections" (2003), "B.B. King & Friends: 80" (2005), plus 2008's: "One Kind Favor".

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