The Jamm

THE JAM may have "Beat Surrendered" in 1982, but you can still relive the excitement, feel the energy and power of a real live show with

The Jamm, without doubt one of the most authentic and true tributes.

The JAMM have continuously been delighting fans of PAUL WELLER'S original group in sell out performances. Proving time and again what power the original music had and that the quality of THE JAMM show remains unsurpassed.

The Jam sadly played their last gig in 1982 leaving many thousands of fans dreaming of the day when the band would reform. This was not to be.

The tribute show, backed by the experience of over 2000 live performances, will take you back in time when "Fire" & "Skill" ruled the charts and a youth culture identified with the lyrics and energy of a band that was a reflection of their own lives.

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