Meet: My Gigs, your new best friend

Posted: 23rd March 2022
New feature to keep you in touch with all of the best events

We've all got that friend. You know, the one who just knows all of the good stuff coming up and gets you motivated to go to that gig or show?

My Gigs is that friend, with benefits...

Here's How It Works

  • Log-in to your allgigs account (or create one, it takes one minute)
  • Set Up Preferences: select the types of events (categories) you are interested in
  • Suggestions: click the thumbs-up thumb_up_off_alt/ down thumb_down_off_alt icons telling us whether you approve of our suggestions

Your My Gigs page then has all of the stuff you will want to track.

Click the Get Started button below, to er, get started.