The Week Ahead with Gary Numan, Happy Mondays, Richard Hawley, Mercury Prize, DJ Yoda and more

Posted: 10th September 2016

All prices are exclusive of booking fees and correct at the time of publication. Line-ups for festivals subject to last-minute changes. Click on the images for more details and to buy tickets (subject to availability)

Gary Numan 'Replicas, The Pleasure Principle and Telekon' from 15th to 26th September in Sheffield, Liverpool, Coventry, Newcastle, Glasgow and many more from £29.50. Limited tickets available for each night featuring 3 classic albums.
Happy Mondays from 17th September to mid-October in Hastings (with The Orb), Sheffield, Manchester, Glasgow, Norwich and more from £33, 20
Richard Hawley, The Young'uns [UK] from 16th September to 5th December in Newcastle, York (special matinee show), Edinburgh, Sussex, Sheffield and more from £20, 25 to £25. Limited tickets available
Mercury Prize on 15th September in London with guests, surprises and the big announcement!
DJ Yoda from 16th September to 17th November in London, Brighton, Leamington Spa, Sheffield, Manchester and more from £5 to £14. Stranger Things sets inspired by the Netflix show of the same name.
Go West, Nik Kershaw on 16th September and into January 2017 in London, Warrington, Wolverhampton, Isle of Wight and Belfast from £15 to £34
Flatbush Zombies from 12th to 20th September in London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and more from £16.50. Limited tickets available
The Headhunters from 16th to 25th September in London, Newcastle, Manchester, Edinburgh, York and more from £17.50 to £25
Robin Williamson on 15th September and 11th November in London, Sheffield and Dumfries and Galloway from £13.20 to £16.50
The Quireboys from 15th September to 16th December in London, Wolverton, Swansea, Stockton, Leamington Spa and more from £15 to £20. Limited tickets available
Basshunter from 15th to 17th September in Newcastle, Blackburn and Stockport from £6 to £10
Trentemoller on 18th September in London - exclusive show!
Ruts DC on 16th September and into April 2017 in London, Wolverhampton, Southampton and Leamington Spa from £15 to £18
Asha Bhosle on 17th and 18th September in London and Birmingham - her very last concerts.
Section 25 on 17th September in Glasgow and then November, December in London and Brighton from £10 to £13
Psychostick from 13th to 30th September in London, Southampton, Reading, Chester, Nottingham and many more from £12 to £14
John Murry from 12th to 16th September in Leicester, Brighton, Leeds and Northern Quarter from £10 to £12
Izzy Bizu on 14th September in London from £13 - from the lady who sang the Euro 2016 theme
Stuart McCallum on 16th September in Altrincham from £10 - exclusive local show from the talented musician
Raging Speedhorn on 17th and 18th September in Dublin and Belfast from £15
The Lottery Winners from 18th September to 4th November in London, Liverpool, Kings Heath, Cardiff, Bath and many more from £10 to £15. Limited tickets available
Sundara Karma from 18th to 29th September in London, Oxford, Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool and many more from £10 to £11
Deap Vally from 15th to 21st September in London, Bristol, Leeds, Edinburgh, Liverpool and more from £12 to £13
Gary Delaney 'There's Something about Gary' from 15th September to 15th January 2017 in Wolverhampton, Buckinghamshire, Cardiff, Chorley, Thirsk and more from £11 to £19.80
Sean Lock 'Keep It Light' from 14th September to 5th May 2017 in London, Dartford, Watford, Eastbourne, Ipswich and many more from £23 to £25.50. Limited tickets available
David Baddiel 'My Family: Not the Sitcom' from 13th September to 15th October in London. Limited tickets available
Sam Simmons from 14th September to 27th October in London, Belfast, Hove, Cambridge, Norwich and many more from £10 to £14
Sally Morgan from 13th September to 8th June 2017 in London, Wimborne, Stevenage, Maidstone, High Wycombe and many more from £23.50 to £27.50. Limited tickets available
Paul Zerdin from 15th September to 23rd October in Sheffield, Huddersfield, Shrewsbury, Worcestershire, Taunton and many more from £17.50 to £18.50
Seann Walsh from 13th September to 25th February 2017 in Stirling, Wick, Ullapool, Isle of Skye, Stornoway and many more from £13 to £15
Haley Reinhart in London, Dublin, Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham from £15 - Now rescheduled to 2017!!
Gutterdämmerung CANCELLED - But the Brixton Academy show has been rescheduled to 2017. Click on the image for details.