The Week Ahead: Editors, Tom Jones, Ron Sexsmith, Will Young, Olly Murs, Low and more

Posted: 29th September 2015
Also taking place from Monday 5th October 2015: Keith Sweat and Blackstreet, Carl Cox, Spear of Destiny, Simone Felice, Ride, Kathryn Williams, Stanton Warriors, Gengahr, Black Honey, Vryll Society, Krafty Kuts, Dan and Phil, Sean Lock and more

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This week:

Festivals, Tours and Concerts

Tom Jones 'In Conversation' from 9th October to 8th November in London, Salford, Cardiff and Birmingham
Editors from 9th to 22nd October in London, Manchester, Cambridge, Newcastle from £20. Limited tickets available
Ron Sexsmith from 7th to 27th October in London, Brighton, Southampton, Liverpool, Leeds and more from £18 to £27.50. Limited tickets available
Will Young on 9th October onwards in Milton Keynes before embarking on his Love Revolution tour later this month.
Olly Murs on 11th and 27th October in London and Bath from £20. Limited tickets available
Carl Cox on 9th October in Glasgow - limited spaces.
Keith Sweat, Blackstreet from 9th to 12th October in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Newport and from £32 to £35. Limited tickets available
Low, Two Gallants from 7th to 10th October in London, Glasgow, Manchester, Brighton and Nottingham from £20, 13.50 to £25. Limited tickets available
Spear of Destiny from 8th to 30th October in Wakefield, Hertford, Liverpool, York, Dunfermline and more from £12.50 to £15. Limited tickets available
Simone Felice from 8th to 28th October in London, Leeds, York, Glasgow, Newcastle from £12.50 to £17.50
Steve Hackett from 6th to 31st October in London, Salford, Leicester, Liverpool, Llandudno and many more from £29.50 to £30.50. Limited tickets available
Bruce Cockburn 'An evening with' from 5th to 18th October in London, Manchester, Glasgow and Wolverhampton from £16 to £20
Lou Barlow on 5th October in London from £15
Xzibit 'Brooklyn Zoo' from 5th to 7th October in London, Bristol and Manchester from £16
Ride from 11th to 22nd October in London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Newcastle from £25 to £26.50
Kathryn Williams from 8th to 22nd October in Hebden Bridge, Coventry, Manchester, Dublin, Belfast and more from £13.20 to £16.50
Krafty Kuts on 9th October in Cornwall from £11
Stanton Warriors on 9th October and 21st November in Exeter from £12 to £13
Darwin Deez from 11th to 27th October in Oxford, Nottingham, Leicester, Brighton, Birmingham and many more from £12.50 to £15
Bill Wells, Aidan John Moffat, Spree on 11th and 16th October in Dunfermline, Glasgow and Paisley. Limited tickets available
Gengahr from 6th to 21st October in London, Sheffield, Newcastle from £8 to £8.80
Vryll Society from 6th to 24th October in London, Edinburgh, Dundee, Glasgow, Liverpool and many more from £4 to £7
Eskimo Callboy from 8th to 14th October in London, Plymouth, Birmingham, Glasgow, Sheffield and more from £10 to £12
Black Honey from 8th October to 1st December in London, Leicester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and more from £5 to £9
R5 from 11th to 22nd October in London, Dublin, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow and more from £17 to £18.50
KWABS from 11th to 19th October in London, Bristol, Brighton, Oxford, Birmingham and more from £15 to £20
By the Rivers from 6th to 17th October in London, Leicester, Cardiff, Norwich, Brighton and more from £7 to £10
Rose Elinor Dougall on 8th October in London from £6.60

Comedy, Theatre and Arts

Dan and Phil from 8th October to 8th November in Cardiff, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Salford and more from £25. Limited tickets available
Patrick Kielty from 6th October to 25th November in Birmingham, Worcester, Bristol, Nottingham, Galway and many more from £14 to £18
Roar With Laughter, Marcus Brigstocke, Raymond and Mr Timpkins Revue, Greg Burns on 9th October in London - proceeds to international conservation charity the Zoological Society of London's (ZSL) Asiatic Lions Campaign
Sean Lock, Paul Whitehouse, Andi Osho, Curtis Walker on 11th October in London and from £15. Limited tickets available - proceeds to Stand Up For the Comedy School
Paul Pledger