The Weeks Ahead: Slade, Game, Beverley Knight, Enter Shikari, Glasvegas, Autechre, Alesso and more

Posted: 9th December 2014
Other events taking place from 15th to 28th December include: Mica Paris, Kreator, DJ Fabio, Naturally 7, Wiley, The Pigeon Detectives, Chameleons Vox, Slowdive, Cherry Ghost, Professor Brian Cox, Tuxedomoon and lots more

All prices are exclusive of booking fees. Click on the images for more details and to buy tickets! Merry Christmas from us all at Allgigs!

This week:

Tours, Festivals and Concerts

Slade on 18th December in Wolverhampton from £20 - it's Chriiisstmaaas!!
Game from 15th to 20th December in Liverpool, Glasgow, Norwich, Bristol, Brixton and more from £25 to £29.50
Beverley Knight on 16th December in Gateshead from £29.50
Enter Shikari on 17th December into 2015 in Liverpool, Portsmouth, Cardiff, Wolverhampton, Manchester and more from £19.50 to £20
Funeral for a Friend on 18th December into 2015 in Cardiff, Frome, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and more from £12 to £17.50
Kreator, Arch Enemy from 20th to 22nd December in Dublin, Glasgow, Birmingham, Bristol, Kentish Town and more from £22.50 to £25
James Taylor Quartet on 18th December into 2015 in Northampton, Manchester, Liverpool and Chatham from £15 to £16.50
Jocelyn Brown, Kenny Thomas on 19th December into 2015 in London, Newcastle from £48, 18.50 to £52, 25
Mica Paris on 28th December in Kings Cross from £15
Alexander O'Neal from 26th December into 2015 in Manchester, Glasgow, Oxford, Sheffield, Camden and more from £20 to £26.50
Grandmaster Flash 'Streetlife' on 20th December into 2015 in Leicester and Camden from £10 to £16.50
ABC on 21st December into 2015 in Bristol and Bognor Regis from £8.50 to £31.50
Tuxedomoon on 18th December in Highbury from £17.50
Jägermeister Music Tour, Me First and the Gimme Gimme Gimmes, Skints from 18th to 21st December in Liverpool, Leicester, Leeds, Brixton and from £10
The Pigeon Detectives from 18th to 22nd December in Stockton, Leeds and Wakefield from £10 to £12
Chameleons Vox 'What Does Anything Mean, Basically' on 19th and 'Strange Times' on 20th December in Manchester from £18 per show - limited tickets
Slowdive on 19th and 20th December in Kentish Town from £25
Polar Bear on 19th December into 2015 in Leicester, Shoreditch, Brighton, Leeds and Liverpool from £14.50 to £15
Autechre on 19th December in Dublin - very limited spaces
Glasvegas on 21st December in Glasgow from £18.50
Cherry Ghost on 21st and 22nd December in Manchester and Liverpool from £15. Limited tickets available
Alesso from 18th to 20th December in Brixton and Manchester. Limited tickets available
Lisa Lashes on 26th December in Newcastle from £12
DJ Fabio, Grooverider, Randall, Ray Keith on 26th December in Brixton and from £15 to £15, 20. Limited tickets available
Steve Lawler on 19th and 26th December in Middlesbrough and Manchester from £9 to £15
Wiley from 16th to 19th December in Highbury, Birmingham and Manchester from £13.50 to £15
Naturally 7 on 17th December in Greenwich - tickets selling fast
Kairos 4tet on 17th December in London from £15.40
The Coronas on 18th December and into 2015 in Belfast, Kerry, Dublin, Leeds, Newcastle from £9 to £19.50
The Twilight Sad on 18th December and into 2015 in Stirling, Glasgow, Kings Cross, Bristol, Leicester and many more from £11.25 to £13.50
Stealing Sheep on 18th and 31st December in Hackney and Liverpool from £10 to £12
Misty's Big Adventure on 19th December in Manchester
Diesel Park West on 20th December in Leicester from £11
Sweet from 20th to 22nd December in Bridgwater, West Yorkshire and Wolverhampton from £20
The Red Hot Chilli Pipers from 22nd to 30th December in Belfast, Ayr and Dunfermline from £20 to £25. Limited tickets available
Johann Strauss - Viennese Gala from 22nd December to 8th February 2015 in York, Croydon, City of London, Nottingham, Liverpool and many more from £21

Theatre, Comedy and Arts

Teenage Cancer Trust on 17th December in Newcastle from £14.75
Reggie Watts on 15th December and into 2015 in Glasgow and London from £22.50
Seann Walsh on 18th December and into 2015 in Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Nottingham, Salford and Oxford from £12 to £15
Tim Key from 18th to 20th December in London from £16
Anton & Erin on 21st December and into 2015 in Kensington, Northampton, Guildford, Stoke from £39.50 to £44.50
Russian State Ballet of Siberia from 21st December to 7th March 2015 in Cardiff, Manchester, Blackpool, Southampton, Darlington and more. Limited tickets available
Professor Brian Cox 'Brian and Robin's Christmas Compendium of Reason' on 18th and 19th December in Hammersmith
Un Ballo in Maschera from 18th December and into 2015 in Covent Garden. Limited tickets available


Railway Children [London] from 16th December and into 2015 in Kings Cross. Limited tickets available
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown from 16th December and into 2015 in Westminster from £23 to £38. Limited tickets available
Peter Pan Goes Wrong from 16th December and into 2015 in Salford, Bromley and Brighton
London International Horse Show from 16th to 22nd December in London from £9. Limited tickets available
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