The Week Ahead: Elton John, Manic Street Preachers, The View, Chrissie Hynde, Peter Hook, Lee Nelson and more

Posted: 2nd December 2014

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This week:

Tours, Festivals and Concerts

Elton John performing from 9th December onwards into summer 2015 in Dublin, Gloucester, Walsall, Glasgow and Aberdeen
Manic Street Preachers 'The Holy Bible' from 8th to 17th December in Glasgow, Manchester, Dublin and Camden. Premium tickets available from around £45.
Chrissie Hynde from 12th to 16th December in Wolverhampton, Bristol, Manchester and Camden from £25 to £30. Limited tickets available
Gogol Bordello from 8th to 16th December in London, Liverpool, Newcastle, Birmingham and more - from £19.50
Peter Hook 'Unknown Pleasures & Closer' from 8th December onwards, three nights at Hebden Bridge! Limited tickets available for PC&L / Movement, others sold out
Snoop Dogg 'DJ Snoopadelic' from 9th to 12th December in London, Bristol and Leeds from £28.50. Limited tickets available
Cast from 9th to 21st December in Hull, Middlesbrough, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Birmingham and many more from £17 to £20. Limited tickets available
The View on 12th December and 10th April 2015 in Dundee, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness, Manchester and many more from £14 to £17.50
Martha Reeves and the Vandellas from 12th to 21st December in Greenwich, Glasgow, Bristol and Leeds from £22.50
The Feeling on 14th December in Westminster
Ian McNabb on 12th and 20th December in Perth and Manchester from £10 to £18
Method Man, Redman from 9th to 21st December in Nottingham, Oxford, Liverpool, Bristol, Leeds and more from £25 to £27.50
Michael Schenker 'Temple of Rock' from 10th to 20th December in Newcastle from £22.50 to £25
dEUS on 10th December in Kings Cross from £20 - only UK show
Run the Jewels El-P and Killer Mike tour from 10th December onwards in Glasgow, Manchester, Camden, Dublin, London and more from £15 to £20. Limited tickets available
Ren Harvieu from 11th to 16th December in Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow from £14 to £17.50
China Drum '25th Anniversary Tour' from 12th to 20th December in Newcastle from £10 to £12
New Model Army on 12th and 13th December in Kentish Town and Nottingham from £21 to £22.50
Decapitated, Behemoth, Grand Magus on 12th December in Birmingham, Kentish Town, Glasgow, Dublin, Manchester and more from £18.50 to £18.50, 20. Limited tickets available
Richard Dorfmeister, Earl Zinger performing as Tosca on 12th December in London and from £20 per ticket
Michael Head on 12th December in Manchester from £16
Vic Godard on 12th December and 10th August 2018 in Chorlton from £10
PiL, Bible Code Sundays on 13th December in London - limited spaces
Space 'Christmas Rocks' on 13th and 15th December in Liverpool and Westminster from £15
Deaf Havana from 14th to 20th December in Bournemouth, Falmouth, Exeter, Coventry, Blackburn and more from £15 to £16.50
Michael Chapman from 8th December to 25th February 2015 in Liverpool, Brighton, City of London and Kings Heath from £11 to £15.40
Godflesh from 9th to 13th December in Brighton, Highbury, Nottingham, Manchester and Glasgow from £15 to £20
Rockingbirds on 11th December in Westminster from £10
Wreckless Eric from 10th to 13th December in Hull, Glasgow and Westminster from £8.80 to £13
Cloud Boat on 10th December in Camden from £10
Parkway Drive, Heaven Shall Burn, Northlane, Carnifex from 12th to 17th December in Camden, Newcastle from £18.50. Limited tickets available
Carols by Candlelight from 10th to 24th December in Sheffield, Knightsbridge, Kensington, Manchester, Liverpool and more from £3 to £25

Theatre, Comedy and Arts

Lee Nelson on 9th December onwards in Bath, Cornwall, Southampton, Aldershot, Norwich and many more from £16.50 to £22 - includes work in progress shows
Beards from 8th to 18th December in Manchester, Temple Bar, Belfast, Glasgow, Edinburgh and more from £12
Adam Riches 'Adam of the Riches' from 8th December to 3rd January 2015 in London. Limited tickets available
A Christmas Carol from 8th December to 4th January 2015 in Southwark, London and Islington from £12 to £25. Limited tickets available
Snow White from 11th December to 4th January 2015 in Dumfries, Sunderland and Blackburn from £13.50. Limited tickets available
Snow Dragon from 9th December to 4th January 2015 in Westminster from £16. Limited tickets available
Arthur Pita: The Little Match Girl from 13th December to 4th January 2015 in London from £16. Limited tickets available
Elvis at the O2 from 12th December to 31st August 2015 in Greenwich. Limited tickets available
Paul Pledger