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Posted: 26th May 2014
The show, featuring Tom Conti, Robert Vaughn, Jeff Fahey and William Gaminara closes on 14th June 2014.

This hit production of Twelve Angry Men brings to the stage the taut brilliance of the 1957 three-time Academy Award nominated film, which was produced by and starred Henry Fonda and is considered to be one of the great must-see movies of all time.

Tom Conti, Robert Vaughn, Jeff Fahey and William Gaminara star as jurors with murder on their minds and a life in their hands as they decide the fate of a young delinquent accused of killing his father.

But what appears to be an open and shut case soon becomes a huge dilemma as prejudices and preconceived ideas about the accused, the trial and each other turn the tables every which way, until the nail biting climax.

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