The Week Ahead: Neil Finn, Glenn Tilbrook, Michael Nyman, Ziggy Marley, Angie Stone, Lee Mack and more

Posted: 14th April 2014

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This week:


Neil Finn from 23rd April to 5th May in Glasgow, Gateshead, Bristol, Salford, Birmingham and more from £32.50 to £37.50
Glenn Tilbrook from 26th April in Newton Abbot, Leicester, Sheffield, Hebden Bridge, Chester and more from £16 to £37.50
Angie Stone from 21st to 24th April in Brighton, London and Manchester from £15 to £26.50. Some tickets available
Michael Nyman Band from 22nd to 30th April in London, Gateshead, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Bristol from £22.50 to £29.50
Ziggy Marley with Hollie Cook on 23rd April in Brixton
Temperance Movement from 21st April in London, Lincoln, Wolverhampton, Manchester, Glasgow, Aberdeen and many more from £11 to £13.50. some tickets available
Brody Dalle from 21st to 26th April in London, Glasgow, Manchester, Sheffield and Birmingham from £12 to £14
New Model Army from 22nd to 27th April in Bristol, Oxford, West Yorkshire, Warrington and Norwich from £20
Ben Harper from 27th to 29th April in London, Salford and Birmingham from £30
Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip with Itch and Sarah Williams White from 22nd April in Wolverhampton, Preston, Liverpool, Coventry, Chester and many more from £12, 9 to £13.50. some tickets available
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats from 22nd to 25th April in Birmingham, Manchester and London from £11.50 to £15
UK Subs from 24th April in Swindon, Reading, Leamington Spa, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and many more from £10 to £26. some tickets available
Eli 'Paperboy' Reed from 24th to 28th April in Dublin, Manchester, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Shoreditch from £10 to £12.50
Patent Pending from 21st to 30th April in Sheffield, Leeds, Newcastle from £12 to £13.50
Bob Log III from 21st April to 1st May in Bristol, Leeds, York, Manchester, Sheffield and more from £10 to £11
Matthew and the Atlas from 21st April to 4th May in Cardiff, Kings Heath, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester and more from £7 to £10
Clutch from 22nd April to 9th May in Newcastle from £16.50 to £18.50
Hands Like Houses from 22nd April to 3rd May in Highbury, Southampton, Cardiff, Sheffield, Newcastle from £7 to £14
Blitz Kids from 21st April in Leicester, Cardiff, Guildford, Lincoln, Glasgow and more from £6 to £10. some tickets available
Jamie Lenman from 21st to 25th April in London, Manchester and Glasgow from £12
Pulled Apart By Horses with Wytches from 24th April to 15th May in Aberdeen, Dundee, Hartlepool, Leicester, Oxford and many more from £10 to £11, 10. some tickets available
CoCo and the Butterfields from 24th April to 4th May in Swindon, London, Bristol, Newton Abbot, Kings Heath and more from £6 to £11
Marc Ford on 22nd April and 29th May in London, Southsea, Coventry, Birmingham, Bristol and more from £12 to £15. some tickets available
Everlast from 26th to 30th April in Glasgow, Manchester, Bristol and London from £16
Pentatonix on 23rd April and 18th May in Birmingham, Shepherds Bush, Manchester, Oxford, Glasgow and more from £16.50 to £17.50. Some tickets available
John Butler Trio from 24th April to 3rd May in Dublin, Glasgow, Manchester and more
Impericon Festival featuring Bury Tomorrow, Terror, Deez Nuts, Stick To Your Guns, Breakdown Of Sanity and Demoraliser on 27th April in Manchester from £29
Desertfest 2014 featuring Spirit Caravan, The Machine, Elder, Dragged Into Sunlight, Asg, Master and more from 26th to 27th April in Camden

Theatre, Comedy and Arts

Lee Mack Hit the Road Mack from 23rd April in London, Dorking, Galway, Dublin, Aylesbury, Stoke from £27.50 to £28.50. Limited availability
Elvis Presley - On Stage from 27th April to 25th May in Dublin, Belfast, Sheffield, Newcastle from £32 to £35. some tickets available
Grumpy Old Women from 22nd April in Cheltenham, Swindon, Salisbury, Worthing, Dorking and many more from £20 to £24. some tickets available
Austentatious - An Improvised Jane Austen Novel from 27th April with a monthly London residency plus Salford night from £12.50.
Jeff Dunham from 24th to 28th April in Dublin, Wembley, Birmingham and Liverpool from £28.50
Howard Marks from 26th April in Lowestoft, Leamington Spa, Bristol, Sheffield, New Cross and more from £8 to £16. some tickets available
Othello from 25th April to 4th May in Stratford-upon-Avon
Dreamboys on 24th April in Oxford, Woking, Bromley, Stoke and more from £19.50 to £24.50.

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