The Week Ahead: Jason Derulo, Paolo Nutini, Editors, Daughtry, Russell Watson and more

Posted: 12th March 2014
Events taking place from 17th to 23rd March 2014 include: Paul Carrack, Evita starring Marti Pellow, Alexander O'Neal, UFO, DJ Yoda, Nina Nesbitt, Susan Boyle, Pygmalion with Alastair McGowan and many more

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This week:


Jason Derülo from 19th March onwards in Cardiff, Manchester, Birmingham, Hammersmith, Newcastle from £28.50. Selected tickets available
Paolo Nutini from 20th to 29th March in Dublin, Bournemouth, Kensington and Glasgow from £29.50. Some tickets available
Editors on 18th and 19th March in Camden. Limited availability
Daughtry from 22nd to 31st March in Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Shepherds Bush, Belfast and more from £18 to £25. Some tickets available
Alexander O'Neal on 21st March and 22nd June in Northampton, Middlesbrough, Lowestoft, Cardiff, Camden and more from £18 to £26.50. Some tickets available
Paul Carrack from 22nd March onwards in Derby, Crawley, Croydon, St. Albans, Swindon and many more from £25 to £33.25. Some tickets available
UFO from 19th to 24th March in Leamington Spa, Warrington, Sheffield and Southampton from £20 to £22.50 - limited tickets remain
Space, Republica from 18th to 23rd March in Glasgow, Newcastle from £14, 7 to £16.50. Tickets available
Alasdair Roberts on 21st March onwards in Guildford, Brighton, Leicester and Peckham from £9 to £12. Some tickets available
DJ Yoda on 22nd March onwards in Middlesbrough, Inverness, Leamington Spa, Dublin and Cornwall from £8 to £12. Some tickets available
Natives from 19th March to 3rd April in Bristol, Sheffield, Nottingham, Birmingham, Newcastle from £7 - limited spaces
Nina Nesbitt from 21st March onwards in Manchester, Edinburgh and Shepherds Bush from £12 to £15. A few tickets remain

Theatre, Comedy and Arts

Russell Watson 'Only One Man Tour' from 19th March onwards in Sheffield, Nottingham, Cardiff, Birmingham, Gateshead and many more from £35. Some tickets available
Susan Boyle from 22nd March onwards in Liverpool, York, Manchester etc - tickets available
Evita starring Marti Pellow from 17th March onwards in Manchester, Birmingham, York, Sunderland, Woking and more. Some tickets available
Pygmalion with Alistair McGowan from 17th March to 31st May in Brighton, Richmond etc. Selected tickets available
Paul Pledger