Tori Amos and Samuel Adamson unveil The Light Princess for 2013-14 season

Posted: 14th August 2013
September 2013 heralds start of Lyttelton Theatre residency for the fairytale musical, tickets on sale now
Tori Amos

It's no secret that acclaimed award-winning singer-songwriter Tori Amos has a penchant and imagination for the otherworldly. Her song-titles and lyrics over the past couple of decades suggest the Grammy-nominated pianist has been building up to her latest project for some time - "Strange Little Girl", "Raspberry Swirl", "Sleeps With Butterflies" and "Star Whisperer" aren't the works of a plain and simple pop starlet.

Her big American hit "A Sorta Fairytale" is perhaps the most apt of Amos' canon, right now - along with playwright Samuel Adamson (All About My Mother, Southwark Fair), she's created The Light Princess, a sort of fairytale in itself. It's taken a few years to piece together, for a start. Various sources quote a creative process starting as far back as 2008.

Billed as a dark fantasy musical, the story concerns a recently-orphaned princess and prince whose paths cross after their lives are turned upside-down after their respective mothers' death. She (Althea) became light with grief and began to float, he (Digby) is sent to war after becoming heavy-hearted and unable to smile. They meet, they fall in love and they wind up in trouble. It's good versus evil, it's love versus hate and it's dark versus light. Literally.

The Lyttelton Theatre will begin hosting performances of the breath-taking musical fairytale from 25th September until early 2014.

Tickets are on sale now for all nights (except 9th Oct - press-night, sold out), with prices ranging from £12 to £48. Many shows are already selling quickly.

Please note: the cast does not include Tori Amos.

Paul Pledger