Foreigner enlist Europe and FM as support for 2014 UK tour

Posted: 12th August 2013
Classic rock best-sellers to perform several large-scale concerts in the spring, on sale [16/08/2013 09:00]

A.O.R., or adult-orientated rock, is a term that often sends shudders down the spines of rock purists the world over. But, since a few tracks from the much-maligned genre were sampled and found their way onto various hip-hop tracks in the '90s and '00s, it's been OK to like big anthems (and big hair).

One triumphant example of such a rapping crossover was Foreigner's "Cold As Ice" which formed the backdrop for the M.O.P. hit of the same name (one of many to feature the track in the same way). Barely needing to pitch the vocals up too much, founder Lou Gramm's assertive tonsils decorated the memorable hard-rap anthem with some aplomb. Foreigner's profile hadn't been so high since their '70s and '80s heyday - or should that be hair-day?

The British-American soft-rock outfit can lay claim to shifting millions of units in the States and a fair few over here - 80 million worldwide, according to various sources. As well as "Cold As Ice", misty-eyed number one hits "Waiting For a Girl Like You" and "I Want To Know What Love Is" sound-tracked thousands of last-dances at student-discos for many years (goth and punk discos, possibly excepted) and gave a leg-up to similar acts.

Two such acts will be joining Foreigner for a huge UK tour in 2014. Europe ("The Final Countdown" - itself a rock-disco staple) and FM (new albums this year plus a sizeable catalogue) will act as support on a large-venue jaunt next spring.

Stops in April 2014 include Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow and many more until the home of rock, Wolverhampton on the 15th. Tickets are on sale now, priced from £38.50 upwards.

It's no coincidence that next year heralds the 30th anniversary of their biggest UK album to date, "Agent Provocateur", which we're sure they'll dip into during their shows. With such a pedigree of classic rock hits and large fanbases, these shows are expected to sell through very quickly.

You want to know what love is? Allow them to show you....

Paul Pledger