live_transmission to rework Joy Division legacy for 2013 UK tour

Posted: 31st July 2013
Scanner, The Heritage Orchestra and more collaborate to bring you a symphonic and electronic tour-de-force, tickets on sale now

There can be no doubt as to how priceless Joy Division's musical legacy is some thirty-plus years after its original inception.

"Unknown Pleasures" continues to inspire budding students to pick up an instrument and rattle off riffs, bass-lines and drum-fills to this day, while "Closer" continues to amaze, astound, delight and confound listeners in equal measure.

Yet while the remaining original founding members wage their heated war, both factions recognize the importance and longevity by airing JD tracks live, albeit apart. Meanwhile, shoddy merchandise with Peter Saville's iconic album-sleeves depicted on it, litters markets and chain-stores up and down the land and aficionados get very cross indeed.

And then there's Live_Transmission. Before you head for the hills screaming in disbelief, this project is no novelty (pardon the song reference). Originally commissioned by the Brighton Festival in 2012 and not to be confused with the recent (and superb) string of Jodrell Bank events, this Live_Transmission is a work of respect and love.

Created and performed by The Heritage Orchestra with members of Three Trapped Tigers and experimental electronica artist Scanner in tow, the performance defies expectations with a deconstruction and rebuild of Joy Division's catalogue, hooks and motifs, creating an all-senses revue of the Manchester outfit's key moments. Classical orchestral retreads it isn't. It's Disorder re-ordered, it's Closer closer to the edge.

The UK tour includes stops in London (at the Royal Festival Hall) on 21st September, Nottingham, Northampton, Bristol, Salford and more until Gateshead on 2nd October.

Tickets are on sale now, priced from around £18.50 to £25 upwards.

Paul Pledger