Wire announce autumn 2013 UK tour dates

Posted: 4th June 2013
Pioneering outfit follow-up Change Becomes Us with headline shows, on sale [05/6/2013 9:00]

This month's Mojo magazine's How To Buy section features the ten best Wire albums money can buy. Fans of the band won't be surprised to see the inclusion of the trio of albums recorded for the Harvest label in the '70s, especially "Pink Flag" and "Chairs Missing" (the latter was voted #1), nor will they flinch at spotting one of the Mute albums listed, "The Ideal Copy", though not the superior (in my opinion) synth-pop classic "A Bell is a Cup Until it is Struck".

Tellingly, Wire's latest two albums also make an appearance midway through, namely 2010's "Red Barked Tree" and this year's visceral "Change Becomes Us". The latter's title sort of says it all - in 2012, the band elected to reappraise early unreleased tunes originally performed live (some barely more than once) at a time when Messrs Newman, Lewis etc were piecing together the then-fourth album (and hold a disintegrating band together as well).

Thus, what were mere sketchy ideas in 1980, soon evolved into Wire's own signature firebrand of short, sharp, blasts of quirky art-rock such as "Doubles and Trebles" and "Keep Exhaling". Job done - a rip-roaring success.

Well, not quite because demand for 'live' Wire continues apace and the odd festival appearances (at Festival No.6 2013 and the Open East Festival in London) probably won't satiate demand. However, a proper UK tour probably will, hence this announcement which comes on the back of critical acclaim for "Change Becomes Us".

Stops in September will include Leicester on 14th, then Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds, Brighton, Wolverhampton, Bristol and Dublin. Tickets are on sale now, priced from £14.50 (money well spent - they're excellent live).

More shows may be added in due course.