AllGigs Ultimate New Band

Posted: 11th June 2013
We've picked ten bands for our 'Ultimate New Band' and we're asking you to place the casting vote for them.


It's time for the ultimate battle of the bands. We have scoured Youtube, Facebook and band sites looking for the best up-and-coming bands in the UK and Ireland, and after compiling a list of hundreds, we have whittled it down to just ten bands we think have amazing potential to go far. We want to get the word out about these great bands and see which you think are the very best.

The winning artist will win the title of the AllGigs Utimate New Band 2013 and win their own special band profile page on the site. So they need your help. Watch and listen to the latest tracks or videos from the bands below and then cast your vote for your favourite in the poll.

For an additional vote, tweet your vote to us @allgigs using the hashtag of your favourite band.

For example: "I just voted for Her Dying Regret to be the @allgigs Ultimate New Band #VoteforHerDyingRegret" - just replace the band names with your favourite band. All of the hashtags can be found below.

We will count up all of the votes from the poll and twitter and announce the winner on Friday the 14th June at midday. So get voting and help crown your favourite as the Ultimate New Band. Check out the top ten below:

Her Dying Regret #VoteforHerDyingRegret

Vote via twitter: #VoteforHerDyingRegret

Everybody Looks Famous #VoteforEverybodyLooksFamous

Vote via twitter: #VoteforEverybodyLooksFamous

Narrow Plains #VoteforNarrowPlains

Vote via twitter: #VoteforNarrowPlains

Despite My Deepest Fear #VoteforDespiteMyDeepestFear

Vote via twitter: #VoteforDespiteMyDeepestFear

Blitz Kids #VoteforBlitzKids

Vote via twitter: #VoteforBlitzKids

Leopards #VoteforLeopards

Vote via twitter: #VoteforLeopards

A New Tomorrow #VoteforANewTomorrow

Vote via twitter: #VoteforANewTomorrow

Natives #VoteforNatives

Vote via twitter: #VoteforNatives

Harting #VoteforHarting

Vote via twitter: #VoteforHarting

Borderline:Fire #VoteforBorderline:Fire

Vote via twitter: #VoteforBorderline:Fire

Now cast your vote:

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Check back on the Friday 14th June to find out the winner of the AllGigs Ultimate New Band!