6 of the Best - Basement Jaxx

Posted: 10th May 2013
As the Brixton duo announce an autumn tour this week, we ask 'what are your Basement Jaxx favourites?'.

With interest in '90s dance-music in the ascendency, particularly with Daft Punk currently sitting at #1, news of Basement Jaxx releasing a new album and heading out to play summer festivals and tour in the autumn has been met with eager anticipation.

Felix Buxton and Simon Radcliffe hooked up in 1994 to create party music with deep baselines and a carnival vibe, as well as set up their Atlantic Jaxx record label. Within a few years, they released their debut-album "Remedy" and have since continued to cross boundaries with a variety of styles and a stack of hits.

But, which are your favourite Basement Jaxx tunes? We've picked our 6 of the Best - do you agree? Let us know!

Where's Your Head At?

It's hard NOT to bill this as the ultimate Basement Jaxx tune - taken from the second album "Rooty" and naggingly insistent throughout, its other talking point is the video, you know, the one with the performing monkeys. Where were their heads at when they dreamt this tune up?

Fly Life

An earlier tune released two years before the debut-album "Remedy", "Fly Life" is a monster. It's a prime slice of Jaxx, rammed with brassy hooks, requisite soulful girly vocals, a little bit of ragga, a whole hunk of disco-house and a killer drop to round the whole thing off.

Red Alert

In truth, we could have picked all the tracks from "Remedy" and listed them on this page. Instead, we've picked two including this funktastic little number. Shot through with old-skool bubbles, synths and that hip-wiggling bassline, "Red Alert" rolled various clubbing influences into one futuristic fat Camberwell joint.

Bingo Bango

With the World Cup set to take place in Brazil next year, you can bet that sports TV programmers are already considering this as a theme tune for the coverage. Keeping your feet (or any part of your body) still whilst listening to this nifty South American-influenced club-anthem is nigh on impossible.


Basement Jaxx don't just do disco thumpers, they also do pop. "Romeo" ushered in the age of verse and chorus for the Brixton duo, as well as a memorable video filmed in India. The track was subsequently bootlegged and mashed up with The Clash's "Magnificent Seven" by Soulwax for another mammoth club-hit.

Good Luck

Singer Lisa Kekuala continued her relationship with the Jaxx by not just singing this relentless soul 'n' bass number, she positively hollered it. Third album "Kish Kash" proved to be a grower, ably helped by the inclusion of this crowd-favourite.

Come on, what are your Basement Jaxx favourites and why? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us about it! #6ofthebest