Diamond Head announce autumn 2013 UK tour with Uli Jon Roth

Posted: 3rd May 2013
British metal legends join forces with German guitarist, with more concerts just added - tickets on sale [04/5/2013 9:00]
Diamond Head

Formed in the birth-place of classic British metal (the Midlands) during the mid-'70s, Diamond Head's transformation from struggling band to revered icons only took place after their heyday.

American heavyweights Metallica have publically declared the Stourbridge outfit as one of the key influences on their early sound, often covering their songs on stage and inviting them to join them live for Lars' outfit's 30th anniversary. It could be argued that the other Big 4 bands owe a debt to Diamond Head, but for now, Metallica as a reference will do just fine.

Right place, wrong time or another Anvil? Probably a bit of both, truth be told. But, where Anvil were catapulted into the spotlight with a documentary a few years ago, Diamond Head's reputation continues by word of mouth, either by the internet or by being handed down by generations of fans who adore the New Wave of British Heavy Metal sound from the '80s. Classic albums such as "Lightning to the Nations" and their key set "Borrowed Time" reflect the time when founder Brian Tatler and his pals were at the top of their game, although their most recent set "What's In Your Head?" proved to be no slouch either.

Later this year, Diamond Head will team up with renowned German guitarist Uli Jon Roth for a UK tour before heading back to the States for more shows (they're adored over there). Confirmed first were home-turf nights in Leamington and Birmingham on 3rd and 4th October respectively but these have been bolstered by September gigs in Liverpool, Sheffield and London (Islington).

Tickets are on sale now, priced at around £15 for regionals and £16 for London.