Doc Brown announces Of Mic and Men 2013 UK tour

Posted: 2nd May 2013
The former rapper, now hilarious comedian, will air his new show during the autumn, tickets on sale [03/5/2013 9:00]

Some weeks ago, you were probably glued to Comic Relief, wetting yourself at Ricky Gervais' new skit, featuring his irksome character from The Office, David Brent, giving it 'all that' about "Equality Street". The man hip-hopping his way alongside Gervais was this man, once Ben Smith, now Doc Brown.

Hardly new to British audiences - he's appeared in Rev, Inbetweeners and, curiously, CBBC's Big Babies, as well as Gervais' sit-com Derek - Brown's star is shining more brightly than ever, right now. One glance at his Twitter feed suggests that he's enjoying riding a wave of adoration - smashing it at Udderbelly, tearing up the Royal Albert Hall, it seems no building is safe from Brown's enthusiastic charms. And no audience's sides are safe either as many will at Udderbelly will attest - at the time of writing, he's set to play one more show on Friday 3rd May (no don't check - it's sold out).

If you live in London, you have three more chances to see something of his act before he heads up to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August. On 11th May, Live at the Chapel starring Ed Byrne and many others including Brown is one, another is the newly-confirmed Brick Lane Comedy Festival 2013 which features the man himself supporting Alan Davies and others on 11th July. And the third, if you want him all to yourself, is to head to the Bloomsbury Theatre on 26th July for a special headline show - a special brand new headline show. And if you live further afield, you're invited to the party as well.

Of Mic and Men is the name of that brand new stand-up show and he's bringing it all to you personally throughout the autumn, as well as to London and Edinburgh at those earlier summer dates.

The UK tour includes that July show in Bloomsbury, plus autumnal stops in Derby, Manchester, Leeds, Portsmouth and more until Brighton on 12th October. Tickets are on sale now, priced from around £14.

Expect more dates to be added in due course.