Amplify Dot announces spring 2013 UK tour

Posted: 12th April 2013
New single "Kurt Cobain" precedes handful of shows from the South Londoner, tickets on sale now

Since the rise and rise of the likes of Dizzee Rascal, Tinie Tempah, Labrinth, Wiley, Kano etc, 'Grime', as a variable, has had a crisis - where are the female performers of any note? Lady Sovereign has been quiet of late, but props to Ms Dynamite for flying the flag and Mz Bratt and Lady Leshurr must be due a breakthrough at some point.

Perhaps this lady's got the scene all sewn up. Amplify Dot from South London has certainly kicked off her major-label career with a swaggering paean to living fast and dying young like "Kurt Cobain", the title of her forthcoming single on Virgin (due 29th April).

After issuing several independent tracks in preceding years, including "Get Down" and its parent mix-tape "Spare Parts", breaking out into uncharted territory might be dangerous or justified, depending on the outcome. Clearly, given the short, sharp pop-crunk found on "Kurt Cobain", Amplify Dot might have legs. Think the aforementioned Ms Dynamite, add a slice of Missy Elliot (especially on mixtape starter "Whore House") and you're someway there. You can get the download here - .

She's certainly got a tour in the pipeline, with a handful of confirmed appearances booked for May. Billed as the 'Live Fast Tour' and featuring Vince Kidd, Esco Williams and KLiQ in support, the jaunt starts with Manchester on 5th May, followed by Liverpool, Birmingham and Camden on the 8th.

Tickets for all shows are on sale now and priced at less than a tenner.

Live Fast Tour postponed

[25th April]: The May 'Live Fast Tour' has been cancelled due to recording commitments for Amplify Dot. In its place is a "Zoo Tour", featuring Vince Kidd, KLiQ and Esco Williams - taking place in May/ June, but no Amplify Dot.