Seasick Steve announces Hubcap Music UK tour for 2013

Posted: 13th March 2013
Bluesman's new album to feature Jack White and John Paul Jones, show tickets on sale [15/3/2013 9:00]
Seasick Steve

Unless you've been wearing a blindfold for the past decade, you'll know Steven Wold from his style - boiler-suits, beard, cap, beaten up guitar (often his 'Diddly Bo') and cheerful non-plussed demeanour. That's the chap. If you haven't heard his superb take on Southern fried roots and blues, you should make it your next task - on record, this man cuts a fine groove that sits perfectly with this unassuming performer's lifestyle and history.

Better known as Seasick Steve ("I just don't get on with boats"), the singer/ hollerer and musician came to fame relatively late in life (he was 62 when his first album got a release) and has performed on festival stages and in large auditoriums during the past decade. Normally accompanied by the most basic of instruments, his guitars are built from recycled objects such as car-parts, something that has inspired the title of his forthcoming album.

Set for release on 29th April, "Hubcap Music" is just that - music created by a guitar formed of wheel bits and oddments from his travels. The album will feature Jack White, John-Paul Jones and other guests and looks all set to follow the success of his three previous platinum/gold albums, including his most recent one, "You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks". That humble hobo formula continues with tracks including "Self Sufficient Man" and "Down On The Farm".

To promote the album, Seasick Steve will be out on a short tour in May, including London on 1st May, Edinburgh on 3rd and Manchester on the 4th. Tickets on sale now, priced from around £22 upwards.

Paul Pledger