Everything Everything announce autumn 2013 UK tour

Posted: 11th March 2013
Top 5 album "Arc" and festival slots to be followed by shows in October. Tickets on sale [15/3/2013 9:00]
Everything Everything

Success after success seems to be following the Manchester-based falsetto-popsters around. First they dent the Top 20 with their debut-album "Man Alive" a few years back, then they go and smash the Top 5 with the follow-up set "Arc". Not bad going for a band whose earlier singles did little but fill up reviews sections across the net (although admittedly, as in the case with our judgement of breakthrough track "MY KZ YR BF", most were favourable).

After plenty of exposure last year, 2013 was always going to be something of a dead-cert. Their newest album has continued the blueprint of their last material, a whirling carousel of colourful pop-hooks, bonkers time-signatures and unworldly melodies, peppered with catchy songs such as the recently-issued radio hit, "Duet" and previous singles "Cough Cough" and "Kemosabe".

Translated live, Everything Everything really do come into their own - if you're heading to Field Day, Live at Leeds, the Parklife Weekender or Festival No.6, you'll see why. If not, you'd best get your skates on when their next UK tour goes on sale - the last jaunt sold out.

Their autumn shows begin in Newcastle on 4th October, followed by Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol and loads more until London's Forum on the 24th. Tickets on sale now.

Paul Pledger