PiL announce first UK tour dates for 2013

Posted: 19th February 2013
John Lydon and co. will follow-up a triumphant comeback album with live dates in June, tickets on sale [22/2/2013 9:00]

18 months ago, not many would've banked on Public Image Limited re-emerging from a 20-year hiatus with such canny aplomb. But re-emerge they did and with singer, songwriter and raconteur John Lydon on good form and at the helm of a pretty extensive self-made marketing crusade that involved interviews, P.A.s, loads of shows, more interviews and that album. PiL were swallowed by old and new aficionados alike.

The album "This is PiL" certainly was a statement of intent, crammed with some of the band's best material since, well, 20 years ago and almost certainly the sharpest since the '80s "Album" or "Happy?". Live, Lydon's charges were off the scale, sounding like they'd just formed a few weeks ago, with all the spiky energy of a sixth-form band but armed with a classic repertoire that still commands power and potency. Mention the album "Metal Box" nowadays and you'll get a knowing nod and a stroke of the chin (that last action may also result in a steely glare, however).

After the most recent single "Reggie Song", PiL have been quiet UK-wise but that silence is about to be broken with the announcement of some summer shows. First up is a small batch of four dates in June, beginning with Oxford on the 9th, then Leicester on the 10th, Brighton on the 27th and Manchester on the 28th. Tickets on sale now, priced £25 for Brighton, £26.50 elsewhere.

The more observant of you will notice a big two-week gap between Leicester and Brighton - what's the betting they trickle a few more UK shows and appearances in there for good measure. Glasto, perhaps?

Paul Pledger