Billy Bragg announces autumn 2013 Tooth and Nail UK tour

Posted: 19th February 2013
The Bard from Barking will also play Lexington tour warm-up and festival slots, tickets on sale [22/2/2013 09:00]
Billy Bragg

As a litmus test of just how popular Billy is at the moment, consider this - his June tour (announced in January) has sold out with the exception of Stratford-upon-Avon and Edinburgh. So what hope for these new shows?

The first gig worth mentioning is a pre-US tour warm-up at Islington's Lexington pub on Wednesday 27th February - it's a real coup for the venue and will feature Bragg in an intimate and exciting environment. Tickets on sale now, priced at £15.

After his summer shows and a slot at Kew the Music 2013 with Bellowhead on 14th July (still available - £43.50), Billy Bragg will return to the UK with his band for a full Tooth and Nail UK tour starting with Cambridge on 18th November, followed by the likes of Derby, Bristol, Birmingham, London again and Exeter in December. Tickets on sale now, priced from £20 upwards.

Dependable, reliable and resolute - there's something irredeemably reassuring about award-gathering songwriter Billy Bragg. Whatever side of the political side of the fence you sit on, you'd have to agree that "St Swithin's Day", "The Milkman of Human Kindness", "A New England", "Sexuality" and "Greetings to the New Brunette" remain classic songs, stories or sing-alongs, be you at home, working or at one of his shows.

But, as with everything, times change and the past is gone - Billy Bragg is looking to the future. As well as still continuing his own small quest to make the world a fairer place by way of reasoned protest and informed voice, Bragg's music will once again come to the fore in 2013 with his first solo studio-album in five years.

"Tooth and Nail" will follow up 2008's "Mr Love and Justice" with a release on 18th March and looks set to be perhaps his most successful album for some time.

Paul Pledger