The House of Love announce new album and 2013 UK tour dates

Posted: 24th January 2013
Guy Chadwick's masterly outfit to promote "She Paints Words in Red" in April, tickets on sale [25/1/2013]

It isn't that often a song will appear on the radio with such a familiar intro but "Christine", by Creation's much under-rated hopefuls The House of Love, is one of those songs. Gloriously strident yet dead simple, the chiming guitars spell out the beginning of a rather sad little narrative, deftly sung with Chadwick's subtle harmonies to the fore and, at just over three minutes long, a perfect pop-song.

Fast forward twenty-five years and we stumble across another The House of Love chapter. After issuing just five albums in three different decades, you'd be forgiven for presuming the mythical outfit would have thrown in the towel by now - not so.

Eight years after 2005's modestly received "Days Run Away", THOL have inked a deal with indie-heavyweight Cherry Red to issue album number six. "She Paints Words in Red" joins their two superb eponymous albums, the should-have-been-huge "Babe Rainbow" and pre-split "Audience with the Mind", with a release in March. It follows the label's pin-sharp triple-disc reissue of their debut-album (containing "Christine", "Shine On" and "Destroy the Heart") last year.

Even bigger news - The House of Love are touring again. Three original members, Chadwick, Bickers and Evans, will be performing the new songs and the old classics on a short tour in the spring, starting with Glasgow on 5th April, followed by Leeds, Liverpool and more until London on 11th April.

Tickets on sale now, with the exception of Liverpool which is on sale now. All tickets will be priced at around £17.50 - £19.50.

Paul Pledger