Living Colour add London to 2013 Vivid 25th anniversary world tour

Posted: 15th January 2013
American funk-metal classic to be revisited on handful of UK dates, tickets on sale [18/1/2013 9:00]
Living Colour

We recently reported that funk-metal legends Living Colour were heading back to the UK for a show in Glasgow - hold the press, they've just expanded those plans!

London's KOKO has now been added to their world tour with the chosen date being 8th March. Tickets on sale now - prices start at £22.50. The Glasgow show on the 7th is available now for £20.

Twenty-odd years ago, in amongst the acid-house, the grunge, the rave and the Brit-pop, there was a short-lived genre called funk-metal. A lazy term applied to rock bands who slapped their basses, rather than 'thrummed' them. The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fishbone, Primus and, to a degree, Rage Against The Machine, all learnt to apply a bit of groove to their riff-armoury. The results were a mixed bag, although the Chilis and Rage perhaps crossed over more than most, both responsible for some of the most evocative (and provocative) examples of the format.

Out of the same stable, but with a penchant for actually delivering a message before RATM appeared, was Living Colour, formed in the mid '80s and comprised of English-born guitarist and mentor Vernon Reid, as well as other like-minded musicians. Being from racially similar backgrounds gave the band an edge and plenty of subject-matter to sing about. Racial issues in America, monetarism in Europe, and to quote their Grammy-winning US hit, the 'cult of personality'. Things don't change, do they?

The band's debut-album "Vivid" appeared in 1988, featured "Cult of Personality" as well as the insanely-catchy "Glamour Boys" and "Open Letter (To a Landlord)", and gave them their first taste of Stateside success. They toured with Rolling Stones (Living Colour's current bassist Doug Wimbish also performed on an album or two, as well as his own Sugarhill and Tackhead releases) and gained many awards.

Not surprisingly, given "Vivid's" age and poignancy in these tough times and despite not being their biggest UK smash (that might be the follow-up "Time's Up" or "Stain"), Living Colour will be touring the album this year.

Paul Pledger