ZZ Top go back to La Futura with 2013 UK and Ireland tour

Posted: 8th January 2013
The bearded trio resume with beards, legs and cars on overdrive, tickets on sale [11/1/2013]
ZZ Top

Three men, three beards (just), hot-rod coupes and a whole lotta legs - sometimes, a formula doesn't need changing (much) and it's one that has served Texan dirt-trackin' blues-rockin' ZZ Top very well, thank you.

Formed some 40 years ago as a blues and roots outfit, they quickly slimmed down to the trio you see on their videos today - Billy, Frank and Dusty. Not much has changed, although the band have deviated from the typical Americana that flavoured their earlier albums such as "Tres Hombres" and "Rio Grande Mud". They discovered synths for album number seven, "El Loco", before hitting gold (and platinum) in the '80s.

Perhaps the most iconic pair of videos to come out of the MTV-heyday belonged to the follically-blessed threesome. OK, let's be honest - "Gimme All Your Lovin'" and "Legs" are probably not the most PC of promos to sit through, but scan any You Tube playlist for 'classic '80s videos' and one or both of them should flag up. The hot-rod, named The Eliminator alongside the multi-platinum album of the same name, became something of an icon and has been represented in pretty much every ZZ Top video ever since.

In 2012, more of the same - cars, legs and beards. You've gotta love 'em. And love them you will when they bring their most recent album, "La Futura", plus classic hits, over to the UK and Ireland later this year for a string of rare shows.

So far, ZZ Top have confirmed Hammersmith for 24th June, followed by Manchester on the 25th and completed by their previously announced slot at Cork's Live At The Marquee Festival on 27th June - on sale from us now, priced at €35/€55.

Tickets on sale now, priced at £39.50/£49.50 for Manchester and £45 for London.

Paul Pledger