Ready Steady Cook Live serves up 2013 UK tour

Posted: 7th January 2013
The popular day-time cookery show to embark on national foodie jaunt, tickets on sale now

Regular viewers of daytime television since the mid '90s will be all too familiar with the booming laughter of flamboyant TV chef and host of one of Britain's most enduring cookery shows, Ainsley Harriot.

Unlike Nigella, Jamie, Nigel and Lorraine, Harriot, who fronted Ready Steady Cook for most of its run (Fern Britton was the first host), was less about perfecting the art of 'combining the flavours', 'reducing the sauce into a jus' or 'building the dish' and more about 'having a go' and 'enjoying yourself'. Oh and doing his unique hip-wiggle when adding salt to a bubbling pan of water, of course. See? It was all about not taking itself too seriously.

The concept of the show was simple - one host steered two chefs and two contestants away from disaster and towards their culinary goals in a short timescale. Various tasks involved creating dishes from a small budget or, ta-dah, the Quickie Bag round, which involved a guest-chef attempting to cobble together something from an orange, a pack of liver, pine-nuts and a rude-shaped parsnip. With that little lot, I'd name it 'a mess', feed the bin and call up the local takeaway.

The TV programme ended (for now) in 2010 but now you can relive those calamitous/ triumphant scenes all over again by heading out to see Ready Steady Cook Live! Executive chef Lesley Waters, who appeared in over 500 editions of the show, will lead the shows along with celebrity hosts, chefs, guests and you the audience.

The format will be similar to the TV one with Main Course and Quickie Bag rounds plus a chance to ask the chefs a foodie question. Who will win the most rounds? Will it be the red tomatoes or the green peppers?

Before you decide, you'll need to book your tickets for the tour, which calls at Sunderland on 24th September 2013 and continues to Edinburgh, Grimsby, Wimbledon and many more into 2014 including Bristol and Liverpool. Tickets cost around £26 upwards, depending on the theatre.

Paul Pledger