Everclear return to the UK for spring 2013 tour and new album

Posted: 17th December 2012
US rockers to promote Invisible Stars across the UK, tickets on sale Wednesday 19th December

For fans of earnest alternative-rock, the news of Everclear's resumption of touring is a Christmas present enough. Glad tidings they bring with a full UK tour and a new album to back it all up with - maybe 2013 isn't looking so bad after all.

For the uninitiated, Everclear received spasms of interest from Britain during the '90s after a few years of growing a fan-base in the States. The big breakthrough came in 1995 when third album "Sparkle and Fade" put them on the map, earning them a Top 40 hit over here in the shape of "Santa Monica". This and the two follow-up long-players, "So Much For The Afterglow" and "Songs From An American Movie Part 1", both notched up platinum sales in the States and Canada, although fell way short in the UK. The single "Wonderful" from the latter album buoyed sales for a while, but Everclear's five year dalliance with us Brits dropped off a cliff when "Part 2" appeared in 2001.

But the '90s are 'coming back', and although Everclear hadn't previously vanished completely, only one founder-member remains - lead-singer and guitarist Art Alexakis. And he's got some new songs to share with us. The summer saw their eighth album, "Invisible Stars", appear and the single, "Be Careful What You Wish For", did the usual business back home on college-radio.

So then UK - are you ready for Everclear? Their tour begins in Leicester on 24th March 2013 which will be followed by Newcastle, Glasgow, Bristol, etc until winding up in Islington on 4th April 2013. Tickets are expected to sell very well and will be on sale from us on Wednesday 19th December at noon, priced at £16.50 (£17.50 for London).

Paul Pledger