Lee Nelson announces total legend of a UK tour for 2013

Posted: 13th December 2012
Simon Brodkin's well good comedy character to deliver 'kwalitee' shows throughout the spring, tickets on sale Friday 14th December

After two series of his well-received BBC3 TV series, you may have suspected that Simon Brodkin might be calling a halt to his chirpy faux-cockney character Lee Nelson and his Well Good Show, but nope, things have only just begun for the wide-eyed likeable loon. Brodkin's other alter-egos, such as Jason Bent and Dr Bob, look to be getting higher billing as well because all three will be on tour next year!

For the man who puts the have into chav, Lee Nelson is a less confrontational portrayal of the usually derogatory social phenomenon than similar efforts from Matt Lucas (Vicki Pollard, 'yeah but no but yeah but'), Catherine Tate (Lauren, 'whatever') and most of Shameless - and that's what makes him more approachable to many audiences. As a stand-up idea, the initial limited appeal is soon broadened with interactive tomfoolery, gags aplenty, extra characters and a laughable use of slang, most of it straight out of an '80s playground.

His next assignment is to make even more people laugh next year - Nelson, Bent and Bob are on tour throughout 2013, starting with Hereford on 28th April and followed by Stafford, Llandudno, Fife and many more until Bristol and Southsea in June. More shows will no doubt be added in due course - there's only the one London show for a start.

We will have tickets on sale for all shows from 9am on Friday 14th December, priced from £22.50 upwards. Wicked!

Paul Pledger