Delphic announce new album and 2013 UK tour

Posted: 13th December 2012
Electro trio follow recent jaunt with more shows in the winter, tickets on sale Friday 14th December

Delphic have been busy boys since the spring, working with DFA's Tim Goldsworthy amongst others, crafting a theme for the Olympics and putting the final touches to album #2, as yet untitled. The first fruit of these labours was 'Good Life', chosen to represent the big Games this year. Now, the album is finished and ready to go - and so are Delphic, with said album and a tour.

Entitled "Collections", album number two should follow the same path as "Acolyte" and propel Delphic into the hearts, feet and minds of fans awaiting the new, admittedly more commerical, material. Live, you can catch them performing from 10th February 2013 onwards when they will entertain Leeds first. Other stops include Edinburgh, Cambridge, Leicester etc until Brighton on 20th February.

No new London show has been announced (they played Electrowerkz this week though), but the confirmed dates so far will be on sale from 10am on Friday 14th December. Prices for tickets will start at £13.50

Prior to being the poster boys for electro-geek and techno-pop, Delphic were called Snowfight in the City Centre. Thankfully they saw sense, regrouped, renamed themselves and hired Dan Hadley as a live drummer for a string of festival slots. Belgium's pioneering heavyweight electro label R&S Records clearly liked the buzz of the band and the cut of their hypnotic rhythmic jib and signed them up for a single in 2009, the pulsating 'Counterpoint'.

As well as being something of a club hit, the tune ended up on a few Sky Sports football idents and a console game, as well as being pivotal in getting them a major deal and that coveted Top 10 album "Acolyte". But then, life went quiet. Until now - don't miss out on chapter two.

Paul Pledger