My Bloody Valentine confirm 2013 UK tour

Posted: 6th December 2012
Legendary noise-rock outfit return with first shows since 2009, tickets on sale Friday 12th December

It seems that 2012 has been the year of the comeback, the year of the return from oblivion and even total uncertainty. Just ask Dexys and the like. And My Bloody Valentine.

Much has been made of MBV's work-rate since their last album "Loveless" disappeared from view in the early '90s, but to be fair, lynchpin Kevin Shields has kept himself amused with Primal Scream (briefly), film-soundtracks (the rather beautiful 'Lost In Translation' for one) and co-writing with Patti Smith. As for the remaining musicians? Bilinda started a family, Colm has worked briefly with Laika, Vetiver and Stereolab's bassist and Debbie has been courted by Primal Scream also.

As for new material, given the activities listed above, there just hasn't been time. Apart from twenty-odd years. But, news from the MBV camp this week has revealed that Kevin Shields has finished off an album's worth of new material which could see the light of day before the end of 2012 - or at least 2013.

All of which will tie-in nicely with the UK tour the band have just announced. Following on from this year's eagerly-anticipated re-issues of "Isn't Anything" and the must-have blizzard of noise that is, "Loveless", My Bloody Valentine will perform a handful of dates across the UK in the spring.

First stop is Glasgow on 9th March 2013, followed by Manchester on the 10th and Hammersmith on the 12th and 13th (new date just added). Tickets will cost from £25 and will sell quicker than you can read these words - these are their first shows in four years and their first tour since time began (well, almost).

NB: Be prepared for the LOUDEST gigs on Earth - MBV make one big beautiful almighty clusterf*** of a racket (Trust me - I've witnessed it).

Paul Pledger