Form a queue lads, For the Love of Mrs Brown 2013 UK tour has been announced

Posted: 28th November 2012
The bawdy matriarch returns with the seven-year itch and love on her mind, tickets on sale Friday 30th November

Arguably, comedy phenomena hasn't had such a kick up the proverbials in years, perhaps not since the '90s heyday with Father Ted, The Royle Family and South Park. Let's face it, if there was only My Family on, you'd be forgiven for chiselling your own knee-caps off with a fork.

Thank heavens then for the anarchic matriarch Mrs Brown. Performed by Irish writer Brendan O'Carroll and an observational story drawn from his childhood experiences, it could be argued that the very best shows of the '90s (the four above) indirectly rear their heads in the world of Mrs Brown.

The Irish connection is obvious, the swearing certainly ('feck this' and 'feck that', sometimes stronger) and the characters are so ridiculous, they are believable - especially Mrs Brown. And as for the 'family' she attempts to nurture, care for and rail against? Well let's just say that perhaps Mrs Brown is the sanest of the lot! The hilarity and spoof concludes with the TV series being filmed in front of a studio audience, with O'Carroll, sorry, Brown making no secret of this as the camera pans out of the pre-fab set at the end of each episode.

After the recent successes of the TV show "Mrs Brown's Boys" and the preceding live shows "Mrs Brown Rides Again" and "Good Mourning Mrs Brown", O'Carroll is resurrecting a previous show for his next massive theatre tour in 2013.

"For the Love of Mrs Brown" is the fourth play in the 'hilarious trilogy' about the foreboding figure of one Agnes Brown which sees her experiencing the seven-year itch and in search of a beau for a Valentine's Day date. She wants love and she wants it bad. Add in a plot which involves indigestion, drugs, super-heroes and grandad's Viagra and you have a superbly smutty show that definitely isn't for all the family.

The 'For the Love of Mrs Brown' tour begins in Birmingham on 26th March 2013 for five nights, before continuing for week-long stints in Glasgow, Manchester, London etc until winding up in Sheffield during December 2013.

We will have tickets to all shows from 10am on Friday 30th September. Ticket prices start at £21.50 and will no doubt sell out as quickly as previous shows!

Paul Pledger