James and Echo and the Bunnymen join forces for 2013 Gathering Sound UK tour

Posted: 21st November 2012
Two of Britain's biggest and best bands on one bill during the spring, tickets on sale Friday 23rd November

Although both of these bands are guaranteed to sell out their own shows, putting James and Echo and the Bunnymen on the same tour makes perfect sense for many reasons. Firstly, one of the bands comes from the '80s, the other from the '90s - two generations of music-lovers catered for. Secondly, rather than sitting through a spotty support band that are so awful you suffer liver-failure from repeated trips to the bar, brought on by boredom, you get two full set of classics all night. Thirdly - do you need three reasons?

Tim Booth's outfit are busy piecing together their 13th album in the Scottish Highlands, with the follow-up to 2010's duo of "The Night Before" and "The Morning After" ready for purpose next year. Entitled "The Gathering Sound", you'll get to hear some of their new music during next year's tour of the same name, as well as reworkings of hits that may (or may not) include "Sit Down", "Sound", "Tomorrow", "Sometimes" or "Destiny's Calling".

As a warm-up, Ian McCulloch's darker Echo and the Bunnymen will be perfect. They too know how to craft a tune and the likes of "The Killing Moon", "Bring on the Dancing Horses", "Seven Sea", "Rescue" etc should be a treat for punters from both camps.

The "Gathering Sound Tour" will kick off in Glasgow on 13th April 2013, followed by Newcastle, Sheffield, Bristol, two nights in Brixton and more until winding up on Tim's doorstep in Manchester on 26th April. We will have tickets available from 10am on Friday 23rd November, priced from £36 upwards.

Paul Pledger