Reel Big Fish to bring Candy Coated Fury to 2013 UK tour

Posted: 20th November 2012
Ska-punk sextet resume live duties with lengthy spring jaunt, tickets on sale now/Wednesday 21st November
Reel Big Fish

They say some bands never grow up - Madness, Bad Manners, Green Day and Bowling For Soup spring to mind with their live shows and records peppered with in-jokes, lampooning around and, above all, fun. Perhaps even the old fart joke.

Flying the flag for excessive tomfoolery are Reel Big Fish who have been gurning at cameras and acting like school-kids since the '90s. Twenty years later and things haven't changed a great deal, save for the odd line-up change and album titles. "Everything Sucks!", "Monkeys for Nothin' and the Chimps for Free" (ha ha, good one) and "Fame, Fortune and Fornication" merely hint at the daftness within. The band themselves describe their new album, originally titled "Honk if You're Horny" apparently, as "happy, wacky, silly, joyous, fast music that makes you want to dance", which is really all you need to know.

Thankfully, Reel Big Fish saw sense and eventually christened their seventh studio set, released in the summer, as "Candy Coated Fury", an apt moniker given the contents and their own proclamations about it. Job done, apart from a tour.

Next year will see the punky little scamps head back to the UK to give us all a (ahem) 'Skagazm' with a lengthy tour that starts in Brighton on 20th February 2013, followed by Cardiff, Exeter, Frome and plenty more until 8th March.

We will have tickets on sale from 9am Wednesday 21st November, except for a few such as Middlesbrough which is available to buy now - prices start from £14.50. Note that many shows may sell out and with little space between the shows, extra dates are unlikely due to their commitments across Europe - so get in quick!

Paul Pledger