Prodijig to kick up a Footstorm with spring 2013 UK tour

Posted: 2nd November 2012
The Got To Dance champions present a new show for UK jaunt, tickets on sale now

Currently one of the most-watched shows on TV is BBC's Strictly Come Dancing, currently pulling in around 7 to 8 million viewers. Whilst the power of dance hasn't quite matched X Factor's allure, the traditions of the series has ensured a resurgence in interest not since the days of Riverdance and has subsequently spawned a few spin-off shows.

One of which is Sky1's Got To Dance, broadcasting since 2009 and while not quite in the viewing-figure echelons of Strictly, is still a worthy watch for just shy of 2 million people. This year's winners have, as the oft-used cliché goes, captured the imagination of voters and judges, not just because of their style - a fusion of traditional, Irish, contemporary dance and urban street moves - but their name. You have to tip your titfer to the person who invented the name Prodijig, perhaps even The Prodigy themselves.

Prodijig was created by one of Ireland's leading dancers and choreographers Alan Kenefick and is comprised of several dancers who have performed in aforementioned Riverdance shows as well as Strictly and all over the globe. With £250,000 prize-money burning a hole in their jumpsuits, Prodijig are unquestionably keen to use it wisely and spreading the brand-name is surely uppermost in the minds.

Next year, the UK will be exposed to this latest dance sensation with a new show and an extensive spring tour. The show, entitled "Footstorm", will encompass their take on Irish dancing ramped up with pop and R&B and youthful confidence, making it an infectious combination along the lines of Diversity dancing Riverdance dressed as Tron extras.

First stop on the tour is Dunfermline on 30th April 2013, followed by Glasgow, Newcastle, Nottingham and many more until Salford on 18th May. Tickets are on sale from us now, priced from around £17.50 upwards depending on seat location.

Paul Pledger