Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster follow-up comeback shows with spring 2013 London concert

Posted: 2nd November 2012
Shepherd's Bush Empire to host incendiary show with new songs promised, tickets on sale Tuesday 6th November

Following the fortunes of spiky punk-pop grapplers The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster is a little like watching a soap story-line being played out. The script would pan out thus: formation of band, struggles for gigs, struggles with drugs, recording debut-album, giving up drugs, earning kudos and hits with the next album, touring, splitting up after a third album, Chicken and reforming again. And they'll all live happily ever after or the pub's cat gets it?

Looks like 'kitty' is safe, because the band's members are well and truly back in the saddle. After disbanding in spring 2011, their various solo projects have now been parked and switched with working on new band material. Nike's global domination has certainly aided this decision somewhat - the song "Chicken" is still getting hammered on You Tube six months after its reissue and the quintet have clearly been buoyed by the trio of comeback shows they played a matter of days ago. Photographic images on Facebook of the singer Guy McKnight being crowd-surfed at an ungainly angle, seem to be the norm.

In 2013, you can witness it all over again at an exclusive (so far) show at the Shepherd's Bush Empire on 12th April. McKnight has also hinted at new songs being readied, which spells new album in most people's books. For now, the show is enough to get excited about and you have until 9am on Tuesday 6th November to wait to buy tickets. We'll have them on sale for £15.

Paul Pledger