The Prodigy announce two Brixton Academy shows for Christmas 2012

Posted: 24th October 2012
Liam, Keith and Maxim return with a pair of festive firestarters and new albums, tickets on sale Friday 26th October

Hands up anyone who has previously watched any one of The Prodigy's videos aired on either MTV, Top of the Pops or You Tube, only to have your parents stand behind you, mouth agape and uttering the words, "you don't honestly like him, do you? - he wants locking up", "this says it all about the youth of today", "is he wearing a wig?" and "ooh looks like rain, I'd best get me washing in". Too right, you have. The parental 'guidance' probably went off the scale when Maxim charged into shot with those mad staring eyes - you've gotta love The Prodigy.

The 'him' mentioned above is Keith Flint, The Prodigy's frontman and shouter/ screamer/ dancer/ fireball of confusion* (*delete where applicable), a lead-singer who resembles a pill-popping Dennis the Menace with a Red Bull addiction and whose far-from-graceful persona has greeted many unsuspecting viewers of TV music programmes since the band's inception back in the days of rave. "Charly", that cheeky crossbreed single of innocent health and safety characters and hints of marching powder, was perhaps the first example, "Firestarter", "Breathe", "Out of Space", "No Good (Start the Dance)" and the highly-'controversial' "Smack My Bitch Up" are many others. Classics, all.

The Prodigy's chops lie in their live performances though - relentless, intense, highly-danceable, powerful, it's all too easy to run off a chain of superlatives about experiencing them live but, the best show this writer has ever witnessed at the Brixton Academy was from this lot. The bit where Keith climbed up a lighting rig and dangled off it, still singing "you're the victim, you're the victim" was, well, you had to be there. And you can. Again.

This year, The Prodigy are coming back to Brixton for two huge shows in December. They will perform back-to-back shows at the O2 Academy on the 18th and 19th and you'll no doubt witness some new material from forthcoming album, mooted to be titled "How to Steal a Jetfighter", as well as plenty of tracks from multi-million selling (and best) album, "The Fat of the Land", due a 15th anniversary reissue anytime soon.

We will have tickets on sale from Friday 26th October, priced from £45. Seriously, you've got to go.

Paul Pledger