Dutch Uncles won't Fester on 2013 UK Tour

Posted: 22nd October 2012
Eclectic indie-rockers return with new single, album and shows next year, tickets on sale now/Monday 22nd October

One of this writer's favourite albums of 2011 came courtesy of Marple's Dutch Uncles which, in turn, was one of Memphis Industries key releases of the past few years. An elegiac blend of indie colours, dappled with neo-classical hues and splashed with more chord changes than an entire Muse concert, "Cadenza" was a definite, positive change from the norm. And it didn't sound like Muse, by the way. More like Philip Glass hitching a ride with Everything Everything on his way to an XTC, Blur and Field Music convention.

Despite (or because of?) ending up in quite a few other critics' charts by the end of the year, the album stalled someway short of fame, fortune and that 'all-important' Top 100. However, Dutch Uncles were invited to appear at a fair few festivals during the summer months thus giving you chance to catch one of the UK's most imaginative bands around. Both "Cadenza" and its predecessor, their self-titled debut album are well worth forking out for. As indeed will new album "Out of Touch in the Wild", which will see the light of day in January 2013. A single will precede this - "Fester" is already available to download for nowt from their website and rather chipper it sounds too.

At around the same time as the album, Dutch Uncles will be heading out on a short tour, starting with Brighton on 13th January 2013, followed by Shoreditch, Birmingham and finally Manchester on the 16th. Tickets for Brighton and King's Heath will be on sale on from 9am on Monday 22nd October, while London and Manchester are available right now, priced at around £8.50.

Paul Pledger