Boris announce rare UK shows for winter 2012

Posted: 9th October 2012
Japanese experimentalists demand Attention Please for handful of shows, tickets available now

If you have never browsed the net to explore any Japanese artist's attention to detail, head to Boris' site and ogle at the sheer breadth and scale of merchandising and product available - you'll get the feeling that this band is beyond the realms of geekdom or obsession - Boris are a way of life. Apart from the dozens of directly-related CDs, records and DVDs, their range also features badges (OK, fairly standard), t-shirts (check, normal), cushion covers (erm...) and underpants (WTF). Just don't tell the Mayor of London, eh?

Boris' name isn't derived from a deep-seated love of London's affable, 'gaffable', proud straw-mopped Olympic flag-bearing leader, rather it is a direct reference to a song by eccentric U.S. stoners Melvins. The eclectic Japanese noise-trio reference all manner of Western music in their output, from basic metal, through technical hardcore, psychedelia and even ambient-drone, gear and equipment nerds must love them - double-neck guitars and all manner of gadgets, both analogue and digital, feature strongly across their 20 or so albums (that's 20 in 15 years, people), while even dance-heads might salivate at some of the limited vinyl recently issued. Most recent album "Attention Please", has a title that rallies like a call to arms.

Whatever your musical penchant, you'll dig Boris' jib - product, attitude and band look spot-on and live shows are scarily intense. UK fans can find out just how intense when the threesome returns to Britain later this year. First stop is Brighton on 4th December, followed by Salford, London, Leeds - a stint at the National-curated All Tomorrow's Parties (now sold out) - and finally Bristol. We have tickets to all these shows now, priced at £12.50-£15 - it'll be a race to see which town sells out first.

Paul Pledger