War Horse confirmed for extensive 2013/14 UK/ Ireland tour

Posted: 3rd October 2012
Michael Morpurgo's award-winning wartime drama will also continue West End run, tickets on sale now

Since 2007, the part-puppetry, part-human 'War Horse' has been saddled (sorry) with countless favourable critique and awards. From its early incarnation at the South Bank-based Olivier Theatre, through to its long run in the West End (it transferred there in 2009), Michael Morpurgo's warm and touching story has translated well from paper to stage. Even its author and creator was sceptical at first but has been humbled by the play's success.

Featuring stunning puppetry and bags of light-hearted moments (as well as a bit of tear-jerking, of course), 'War Horse' has been delighting audiences for many years with it's skilful stage-play and story-line about a horse sold-off to become one of many equine volunteers in France during the First World War. The horse once belonged to young Albert, who misses him tremendously and therefore decides to embark on a journey through minefields and crossfire to try and bring him home.

For some time now, fans from around the UK and beyond have been travelling to London to witness the magical production for themselves. Here's some great news - you'll no longer have to. 'War Horse' has finally been confirmed to tour the UK and Ireland from next year onwards!

First lucky stop for Albert and co will be Plymouth from 27th September to 12th October 2013, followed by Birmingham, Salford, Edinburgh, Southampton, Dublin, Sunderland, Bradford and Cardiff from 18th June to 19th July 2014. Tickets are on sale now for many dates, starting from £25 (€35 for Dublin) and are sure to sell out very quickly. From personal experience, myself and our editor can confirm that this is a remarkably enjoyable way to spend 2.5 hours! [yup - it's true! - Ed]

Paul Pledger