Ultrasound announce further Play for Today 2012/2013 UK shows

Posted: 3rd October 2012
Winter brightens with the return of Tiny and co's first album since the '90s, tickets available now

There's a very apt lyrical quote on Ultrasound's comeback album, 'Play for Today', and it reads thus: 'We've been away for a while/but we were never in style'. Apt for many reasons, but the main one can perhaps be attributed to the band's insistence in releasing a debut-album as a double CD (often commercial suicide at the best of times). Due to the somewhat lengthy nature of certain Ultrasound tracks - one track clocks in at 39 minutes long - 'Everything Picture' required two slivers of plastic to ring-fence the squalls of guitar, the big build-ups and the, ahem, climaxes.

Ultrasound are very good at climaxing - just ask lead-singer and enigma, Tiny aka Andrew Wood whose vocal style and stage presence can best be described as keen, determined and athletic. For a big lad, Tiny could apply just as much energy as the slimmest of indie wannabes. Punk Floyd? Prog Ruck? Whatever labels have been thrown at them (and some weren't very nice), even after flirting with the charts and finally huffing it in 1999 and splitting, Ultrasound have survived. Again.

In an era where cult-bands have been taking decades to release a new album (hello Dexys, The Distractions and The Names), Ultrasound's newie, 'Play For Today', is prolific by contrast - it's taken them 13 years to piece it together. 'Beautiful Sadness', included in this article, is just one of the ten belters on the new Fierce Panda album, none of which quite reach anything as epic as the 39-minuter.

Ultrasound will be launching the album at London's Scala on Thursday (4th October) at a show which promises to be an emotional one. You can still grab tickets for £9, but if you're craving for a piece of Tiny magic and you don't live in the capital, here's the good news.

The band will be heading around the UK for some sporadic shows in hometown York on 22nd November, then Nottingham on 5th Dec, Oxford on the 6th, then 2013 shows in Bristol and Cambridge. The ticket prices are tiny as well - they start from under a tenner and are on sale from us now.

Paul Pledger