Trey Songz follows Later appearance with extended 2013 UK tour

Posted: 7th November 2012
The R&B superstar celebrates his Top 10 album Chapter V with more dates next year, tickets on sale Friday 9th November

This week, you may have caught the nu-soul sounds of Trey Songz on Later with Jools Holland on the Beeb. Suitably impressed, you may have decided to check out his live schedule, only to be disappointed at the results. Until this morning, Songz wasn't due to play many shows in the UK - but, that has all changed now.

His 2013 UK tour will now begin on 26th January in Leeds, followed by Birmingham, three shows in Hammersmith, one in Newcastle, Manchester, Glasgow and finally Dublin on 7th February. The keen-eyed amongst you will notice that three of those shows have just been announced and, as such, aren't on sale yet.

No panic - we'll have the new shows in Leeds, Hammersmith (1st Feb) and Newcastle on sale from 9am on Friday 9th November! Prices weigh in at around £27.50 (or £30 for London).

His other dates are available now, although Birmingham is close to selling out and the first two Hammersmith shows don't exactly have a wide range of options, hence the new additional show.

In just seven years or so, Trey Songz has come from nowhere in a crowded scene to become one of America's top R&B performers. Each of the five records released in that time have made the US Top Ten with the latest, August's Chapter V, earning Trey his first US No 1 single. Chapter V was also the first release to make the UK Top Ten and helped the singer's global sales toward the three million mark.

The single, Simply Amazing, was also his first to break the Top Ten here, peaking at No 8 after its August release. Finally, it seems, the UK is warming to Trey Songz's considerable charms. And as for the controversy which seems to follow so many huge American R&B stars around - forget it. This guy is about the music, not the tattoos or the entourage or the police record. By the time he lands here in January, it's likely that the UK will have caught Trey Fever. At the very least, he'll help lift the post-Christmas gloom with his highly regarded live shows. Meanwhile, you can catch Trey Songz on the extended rerun on BBC 2 on Friday 9th November - but by then, you'll have got your tickets, eh?

Paul Pledger