Muse announce extra tickets and date for their autumn 2012 tour

Posted: 25th September 2012
Production seats for selected shows to go on sale from 10am Friday 28th September, new Dublin date also announced

After the worldwide successes of the albums 'Absolution', 'Black Holes and Revelations' and 2009's glammed-up 'The Resistance', Muse are ramping up for their latest album 'The 2nd Law', now due for release on 2nd October.

Quite a lot has been happening in the past few years, which should ensure plenty of hard-hitting, socially-aware sloganeering, mercilessly bathed in unrelenting beats, riffs and Bellamy. Haters may pour cold scorn on their new semi-dubstep direction on recent single 'Madness', but you wait - in a month or so, they'll be down the front singing along with the rest of the mob.

The band's first UK tour for three years recently went on sale, resulting in the kind of purchasing fervour normally reserved for the January sales - but we have good news for those of you who thought they were completely sold out of face-value tickets. They're not.

On Friday 28th September at 10am, you'll need to get your body, mind and credit card to this page, ready to make a dash for some extra and special production seats being made available for the Muse dates in London (26th/27th Oct), Birmingham (30th Oct) and Manchester (1st Nov). In addition, standard tickets for a Dublin show on 3rd November will also go on sale at 10am on Friday.

Now then - what the hell are 'production seats', we hear you ask? Production seat tickets are for seats that only become available for release in the final days preceding the concert, when the venue can see how the stage design affects the seating plan. Please note - these can include seats very close to the stage with excellent views, but not always. But at least you can get in to see the biggest band in the world, right?

These will be VERY limited in numbers and will be gone in less than 60 seconds - are you ready for the 'madness'? Reminder - 10am Friday 28th September. Be here.

Paul Pledger