Peter Hook moves on from Joy Division to New Order classics for 2013 UK shows

Posted: 21st September 2012
Movement and Power, Corruption and Lies albums to be performed in their entirety, tickets on sale Tuesday 25th September
Peter Hook and the Light

After performing all three Joy Division albums during the past couple of years (some shows still remain for 2012), bassist and, most recently, writer (new book 'Inside Joy Division' out soon), spokesperson and venue-owner Peter Hook will now be turning his attentions to that other band he was in until 2007.

Having previously announced his intentions to 'play all the albums while I still can', New Order's canon has so far remained relatively untouched by Hook and his band The Light, although a few songs from the band's unfairly maligned debut, 'Movement', have crept into a few shows in the past, namely 'The Him' and 'Doubts Even Here'. Both this and the critically-revered and, some may say, breakthrough album 'Power, Corruption and Lies' will form the basis of two huge shows planned for January.

The chosen times and places are 17th January at London's KOKO and 18th January at Manchester's Cathedral, both selected personally by Hook - intriguing venues for what are two long-players packed with austere and emotional music.

'Movement' was universally derided when issued in 1981, at a time when New Order were reeling from Ian Curtis' passing and seeking a new direction. In truth, there are many jewels within its grooves - 'The Him', 'Dreams Never End', 'Chosen Time' and 'ICB' are as unsettling as any in the Joy Division catalogue, despite its producer (Martin Hannett) veering off the rails and the band at musical odds. It's certainly not Holmes Place material and promises to translate live into a sonic thrill ride.

'Power, Corruption and Lies' was a giant leap forward - released within a couple of months of the (still) biggest-selling 12" single of all time 'Blue Monday', its chilly synthesized air was compounded by a new reliance on technology and more than a nod to Kraftwerk on 'Your Silent Face' and '586'. Listed by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the 'Top 100 albums of all time', 'PC&L' remains one of New Order's key pivotal releases and was recently appraised by Royal Mail for an appearance on a first-day stamp set of iconic album sleeves.

So, while the current incarnation of New Order continues emphatically with the 'crowd-pleasing' anthems, Hook's remit sticks with complete albums and documenting their achievements, both on stage and in print - absolutely fine by us. We will have tickets on sale for both shows from 9am on Tuesday 25th September.

Paul Pledger