Robin Ince and Brian Cox welcome the End of the World for Christmas 2012

Posted: 21st September 2012
The rationalist duo presents a 'summary of all human achievement before the apocalypse' this December, tickets on sale now
Professor Brian Cox

Someone once said, or sang, that it was the end of the world (as we know it) and they 'felt fine'. They were either a bit crazy or the polar opposite - extremely cool and rational. Not sentiments one would usually associate with the painted dervish that is Michael Stipe but it seems he may have been onto something just this once.

Two people who have a reputation for maintaining a cool scientific detachment from the sentimental side of existential issues are Professor Brian Cox (something something D-Ream) and Robin Ince, hosts of Radio 4's Sony Gold award-winning Infinite Monkey Cage.

For one night only (it is the end of the world, after all), the pair will gather together some of the "finest minds in comedy, science and music for a spectacular end of the world show". The show, of course, promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience which, in accordance with the latest Mayan prophecy, will coincide with the end of all our lives.

The press for the show comes with the caveat that said prophecy may not come true (I know), so it's probably best not to leave all your Christmas shopping 'just in case'.

The End of the World, with Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince, takes place at the Hammersmith Apollo on Friday 21st December 2012. We have tickets available now!

Stewart Darkin