Daughter ready to Smother the UK with 2013 tour dates

Posted: 11th September 2012
Elegiac melancholic trio to follow up singles and EPs with debut album and slew of exclusive shows, tickets on sale now/Friday 14th September

Voices are something that established London-based indie-label 4AD have been arguably good at during its 30-plus year history - Cocteau Twins' Elisabeth Fraser, both Dead Can Dance vocalists Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry, the gorgeous compilation albums 'Le Mystere De Voix Bulgares', Bon Iver's Justin Vernon, The National's Matt Berninger, This Mortal Coil's array of guest vocalists, Mark Kozelek as Red House Painters' frontman and Rachel Goswell and Neil Halstead's dreamy tones in Mojave 3, just for starters. That is a pretty credible line-up of blessed and honeyed tonsils, right there and a legacy that thankfully appears to be continuing.

Joining that gaggle soon will be Daughter's Elena Tonra. She too has the ability to charm the bark off the trees and cause grown men and women to well up with a voice that sounds unlike others around at the moment, although there is a definite contemporary, almost soulful, lilt to it. Sometimes quiet is the new loud - it certainly is here.

After releasing just two EPs last year, 4AD were quick to secure the threesome's signatures and the threesome were quick to get a first single out, the rather epic 'Smother', available to listen to now (in this article) or to buy on one of those nice plastic 7" things in October. All previous work bodes well for what should be an enticing debut album and a UK tour, planned for next year.

Daughter will be performing some choice shows in 2013, with three confirmed so far. Rather than straight-forward venues, the trio have opted for large spatial buildings to fully translate their atmospheric music into a devout experience. The shows confirmed so far include St Mary's Parish Church in Brighton on 17th January, Salford's St Philip with St Stephen's Church on 18th January and London's grand Hackney Empire on 24th January. We will have tickets for all three shows available from 9am on Friday 14th September. Expect the shows to be emotional.

Paul Pledger